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Bar Pickup

Sweet Memories

In the Car

The Thought of It

Senior Year

Me Talk Pretty Someday

Adventurous Woman


DP for Me

First Time's the Charm

Cocktail After-Party


I started having sex when I was 15, but it wasn't until my senior year of high school that I really started experimenting.

Me, my boyfriend, his best friend, and his girlfriend decided we were going to do a foursome, just having sex with our partners and watching the other couple. None of us had done anything like it before but we were all into the idea. And after downing the better part of a bottle of rum, any lingering inhibitions any of us might've had were gone.

It still started a little slow, but soon we were happily screwing away and getting a great show watching each others fuck. This went on for about 15 minutes then my boyfriend's friend said he had a surprise for me. (My boyfriend was in on it by the way, since he'd just rolled me on top so I was riding him) Before I, or the other girl, knew what was going on, the friend had pulled out of his girlfriend, slid over, and was halfway into my butt. I screamed, half from surprise, half from the sudden intensity (I'd done anal twice before but obviously never a DP like this). 

The girl started yelling at him for suddenly being in me, and how we never agreed to swap, etc. I was too stunned to say much at all and just let them do it to me. A couple minutes later I finally said something like, "Oh my god this is amazing", and surprised everyone by really getting into it then. The other girl was still really pissed, but quieted down when she saw how into I was and how wildly the 3 of us were fucking by then. The guys of course loved it. The whole DP only lasted about 5 minutes before the guys both came, but it seemed longer to me.

We laid around talking for a bit and about 45 minutes later the guys had it back up and doubled the other girl. She never got as wildly into as I did that time, but she had a great time with it too.

After getting together a couple other times and doing the same things, the other girl and I decided we wanted to experiment with each other without the guys, which led to my first bi experience. But that's a different story.

  1. Bar Pickup
  2. Sweet Memories
  3. In the Car
  4. The Thought of It
  5. Senior Year
  6. Me Talk Pretty Someday
  7. Adventurous Woman
  8. Footballer
  9. DP for Me
  10. First Time's the Charm
  11. Cocktail After-Party



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